Aug 03 2017

INFO & TERMS- Steemian Idol FIRST STAGE weekly Heats

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Steemian Idol BASICS to Qualify and/or Contest Guidelines/Rules

  • It is recommended that you must be following @Vocalists-Trail to take part in the contest and to stay well connected and up to date with the latest info especially regarding upcoming call backs for the next stage of the contest!

  • You must record your song A Capella – No Music. This is a simple rule for all contestants to follow, as it ensures that the first call out heats are not judged on equipment, or tassles… but on soley just the voice. This gives the community opportunity to engage with singers and connect with the rawness of an individuals vocal ability.

  • Contestants entries in the first Call Out Heats are expected; to be a NEW live video performance (Phone quality), natural A Capella. Your entry must contain the relevant info at the beginning of your audition video

“MY Audition for Vocalists-Trail, Steemian Idol HEAT number…(insert heat number and name of song)”

  • Having this simple information is VITAL in regards to your entry qualifying you through to the top 50! It is proof of your original intent to enter that weeks heat and not post older video’s.

    • Your entry post must also be Titled with the words “MY Audition for Vocalists-Trail Steemian Idol- HEAT number…(insert heat number and name of song)

    • You have the option of singing originals or covers.

    • If your video is voted in the top 10 entries for that weeks heat then you are through the next stage of the contest.
      (The call out stage for a top 50 is still in process- once you have secured your spot in the top 50 you must be on alert for upcoming contest progressions and call backs for the next round)

    • Once you have secured your spot in the top 50 YOU MUST NOT ENTER MULTIPLE heats. Once youa re through any other entries in the same round will not qualify as an entry or to win SBD.
      It is important to be mindful of others taking part in the contest, and to leave room for new voices to have a go.

    • Basically – WAIT UNTIL it’s your turn NEXT round to enter your second video! There will be updates and posts in the next coming weeks about what you will need to do to be ready to perform for the next round, WAIT FOR THE NEXT STAGE OF THE CONTESTS POSTS, REMINDERS & LISTS. There may be some waiting time between now and when the heats end, while @Vocalists-Trail stays committed searching all the corners of steemit for the VERY BEST VOCAL TALENT on the internet to add to the list of great singers lined up in competition for the chance to be Steemit’s first ever Steemian Idol.


The top audition post with the most votes at the end of each week will win 5 SBD.
9 Runners up will win 1 SBD each.
(payments are made on weekends within 7-14 days)

If you don’t get through to the top 50 this week try again next week until the heats end!
(With a new video)


As is it just at the audition process, you may sing any song you like – without music. As the contest progresses, the song choices may be more specific or themed and singers will be asked to provide their own backing music.
(Individuals will also be allowed to play their own instruments or have instrumentalists play backing music).

Contestants can choose between singing a cover or an original song.

You are encouraged to go to as much effort as you can to present your live performance to the best of your ability as the contest gets more serious in the coming rounds…

(THERE WILL BE A FINAL ROUND PRIZE POOL- Info over next few weeks)

  • @Vocalists-Trail encourage people to NOT SHARE inappropriate/highly offensive content or risk being disqualified, as we welcome people of all ages to take part!

Rules may be subject to change if @Vocalists-Trail for any reason at any time deems it.

Any suggestions, feedback or questions welcome!

( @WishMaiden)

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