Jun 19 2017

If you can get 50,000 Facebook fans, you will earn $5,000 a month

Do you have Facebook pages? They are a great money maker, I will share my experience, this is not a get rich overnight thing, this is long term.
I don’t believe there’s any get rich quick methods, there may be some but they will only last a week or so.

My stats over six months.

My best month earnings: $17,400
My worst month: $4500

This is with 50,000 fans. There’s a few important factors, never try getting fans by buying fans, if you’re that dumb just stop reading now, if you are that dumb, what’s too good to be true most likely is too good to be true, you can buy Facebook fans, 50,000 for $4000, if you have the money don’t waste your time.

You don’t need to spend any money at all, in fact you don’t even have to promote posts, or boost posts or anything like that, I have expenses, $10 a month for hosting my website. That’s it, and my time.

Decide on a Canadian or American topic your interested in. I’m interested in politics, so I started a Politics page, it’s only worth it if your fans are North American, because those ads pay 75% more than other countries.

Start posting simple memes like “this (politician) sucks! Like if you agree” on your page.

Create a simple WordPress website, write 20 quality articles, unique articles, make sure your headlines and pictures are great because that’s what your fans will see first, here’s an example

“SHOCKING: (politician) has killed this California city…”

Then talk about how resteraunts are closing due to higher taxes or some shit like that, but make sure everything in your articles is facts and true, don’t lie to your fans, own up to your headline but twist it a bit, only a bit. Link your facts back to sources such as CNN and other reputable news sources, this way you gain reputation fans with your fans.

Now contact ad networks such as Taboola, outbrain, or rev content, they pay North American clicks about $0.15 to $40 per click, my highest was $39. These are native ad companies and their ads look like regular articles on your site.

Now how to get Facebook likes for free you ask? This is very simple and easy, if your page is about politics, join a bunch of American politic groups, and simple share articles and memes from your page to as many groups as you can.

Here’s how to post to a bunch of groups without getting banned and known as a spammer, again very simple, share content this group will want to hear and read, this is where reputation comes into play, if your articles are true and have reputable sources within the article, people will like and share it, if it’s fake you will be known as a spammer.

When I did this, many of my articles and memes went viral because I posted what people want to hear, if you join a groups that’s called something like “Bernie Sanders sucks” find flaws Bernie Sanders has and post them to the group.

My grammar is not the greatest and I have now hired proof readers and writers. But I started with no experience and have earned just over $50,000 in the last 6 months, and you can too, you just have to rely on long term and hard work, my Facebook page was started with 0 likes and $0 spent 8 months ago, don’t expect to make money until you reach 10,000 likes, which should take around two months.

If you don’t want to work hard, I have the answer for you as well, but I’ll get into that later.

Like is said I have no education and as you can probably see from this post, I’m not that good at Outlining things, but I don’t care because I’ve earned $50k, my suggestion for that is to either hire a writer or simply ask your Facebook fans to help you out on the content, their feedback will do you good.

Please don’t PM me about this, I will reply on this thread when I can, just do your best, take this idea and try it.

Good luck.

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