Sep 26 2017

Helping the people affected by the Mexico City earthquake

With the recent 7.1 earthquake which caused extensive damage in Mexico City and its surrounding areas leaving hundreds dead, thousands of people displaced, and billions of dollars in damage, VIVA, @TradeQwik, Muncapital, and NAOME are coordinating efforts to raise critical funds for the people and infrastructure affected by this devastating earthquake.

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Francisco Santill√°n, a C-Level executive for VIVA Holdings Mexico Operations and NAOME, will be visiting Mexico City to see the devastation first hand, and develop the best plan of action to distribute the collected funds. Details will be posted on our website and social media outlets.

Sending funds is more important than sending “stuff”

  • First, an assessment is needed to prioritize what’s needed (water, food, shelter)
  • It is more efficient and cost-effective to buy locally than to ship items especially if infrastructure is compromised
  • Buying locally helps the local economy
  • Sending unneeded items poses a challenge on where to store it in disaster areas

Where to donate

VIVA is accepting donations in BTC, LTC, ETH, STEEM and SBD with funds being collected and distributed through @TradeQwik.

ETH EarthQwakeDonations.png
LTC deposit address.png
Send to @tradeqwik
Memo: 5702696873501921267
Failure to use the memo may result in loss of funds!

We will be sharing details of our crowdfunding as well as pictures of our visit to Mexico City as they come in. Your donations, no matter how small or large can mean the world to those who need it most.

Please help us spread the word.

Thank you,

For further information or to make a fiat donation, please contact Executive Assistant Enrique Trevino in TQ’s Discord channel.

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