Jul 29 2017

Fifty Word Story Contest Week #22... Join For A Chance To Win 700 Trail and 30 SBD


The Fifty Word Story Contest Is Currently In its 22nd Week

The Aim of this Contest is to ensure the Continuity of Steemit by encouraging New Steemians who just came on board the Platform.

This contest is only open to steemians with reputation 55 and under



1 Contestants must be reputation 55 and below

2 Title of every entry must contain “50 word Story Contest Week #22

3 Write your story using #fiftywords as your primary tag and the word of the week as your secondary tag, you can be creative with the remaining three tags.

4 Only one entry is allowed per contenstant

5 Contestant must State how they learnt about the contest, whether it was through this post or through a fellow Steemian.

6 An Article does not count only Stories and Poems are allowed.


1 Vote and Resteem this Post

2 Tell new steemians about the contest

3 Help increase the reward pool

The Word Of The Week is: GO



h1> All Entries must be submitted by Wednesday August 2nd by 11:59 PM New York Time

The top five entries would win the Prize of the week which will be shared among them Equally.


This contest have been given a huge support by [Steem Trail](https://discordapp.com/invite/CN6demy),you can head over to the discord app server to find out what they are up to.

For a trail coin account,click [HERE](https://bitshares.openledg/?r=steem-trailer.info)

For a streemian account click [HERE](www.streemian.com)

To find out more about trail coins read [THIS](https://steemit.com/steemtrail/@steemtrail/trail-coin-trail-participation-rewards)


If you would like to help increase the reward pool of this contest,contact the contest organiser on steemit chat @ogochukwu


The Humans Of Steemit was Launched Successfully, You can view the Amazing Stories on My blog

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