Oct 12 2017

FBI’s Role in Fake News

ISIS plots that are 100% ISIS-free, fake Venezuelan “atomic bomb” plots, fake terror alerts, smear campaigns and attacks on freedom of speech.


There’s an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI”.
-Trevor Aaronson, investigative journalist.

Are you a mentally challenged, confused, non-white teenager with a grudge? Or even better, are you schizophrenic? Don’t worry, the FBI will give you guns, explosives and a team of specialists to support, train and radicalize you so you can fulfill your fantasies of violence!

Jokes aside, you were probably subjected to most of this FBI scaremongering and censorship tactics, but mainstream media complicity made sure they passed mostly unnoticed for what they really are: the tactics of a political police ensuring status quo.

An opinion on Fake news:

When originated in small-time blogs and disseminated through social media, the “fake news” issue is only relevant because it fools people, disinform them and distract them from anything real. Mainstream media “fake news”, on the other hand, are an instrument of war, msm is complicit in basically all past wars. I’m sure they will be held accountable in the future, when more people understand its subsirvient nature.

Perhaps most of us already heard about COINTELPRO, the secret program carried out by the FBI during the 60’s to repress and subvert -or outright eliminate- whatever they deemed “radical” political opposition groups, mostly black. Although its name stands for Counter-Intelligence Program, these groups were not foreign intelligence organizations. Most of the times, they were perfectly legal, civil-rights, anti-war or feminist-oriented movements, struggling for recognition.

Its methods ranged far beyond surveillance, and amounted to a domestic version of the covert action for which the CIA has become infamous throughout the world”.
Brian Glick, War at Home

The sixties were marked by an “excess of democracy” in the words of Samuel Huntington, political scientist and member of the Trilateral Commission. There was a need to control formerly passive members of society that sought to enter the political arena, traditionally monopolized by rich, conservative white people.

This sense of a “crisis” was felt by many social scientists working for the U.S. government in psychological warfare, like Ithiel de Sola Pool, who stated that:

…in the Congo, in Vietnam, in the Dominican Republic it is somehow clear that order depends on somehow compelling newly mobilized strata to return to a measure of passivity and defeatism from which they have recently been aroused by the process of modernization”. (Gilman, Nils. Mandarins of the Future… page 250)

The same mentality finds its way to impose itself through time and throughout the world, under different names and agencies, the NSA, FBI, CIA, KGB, MI-6, MOSSAD… Being part of the same establishment of powerful interests, the mainstream media is willingly used to spread fear and propaganda. So let’s examine more recent events focusing on how mainstream media propaganda works.
Creating Terrorist Plots

Trevor Aaronson wrote an excellent article on this subject for The Intercept. In his TEDtalk (below), Aaronson explains how the FBI entrapped a 25 y.o. man later described by the lead officer as a…

“…retarded fool without a pot to piss in… ”


(min: 4.20)

According to a New York Times columnist:

Some targets have previous involvement in more than idle talk: for example, Waad Ramadan Alwan, an Iraqi in Kentucky, whose fingerprints were found on an unexploded roadside bomb near Bayji, Iraq, and Raja Khan of Chicago, who had sent funds to an Al Qaeda leader in Pakistan.

But others seem ambivalent, incompetent and adrift, like hapless wannabes looking for a cause that the informer or undercover agent skillfully helps them find”. source

The propaganda perspective:

This is the fun part (at least for me). What happens with stories of “terrorist plots”, among other sorts, is that they fulfill their “propagandistic role”. Meaning that, articles analyzing the plot and FBI’s role in detail are not to be found until some time has passed, only after the public has been scared and presented with a misleading picture concocted between a gullible, subservient press that falls into the same mistake of taking what authority says without asking questions or verifying nothing, once and again. This is how wars are peddled using the mainstream media. Most people don’t go beyond front pages and headlines. The shock takes place and effect, corrections and analysis come later, in smaller articles in the corresponding section of the newspaper, many times to be forgotten. An honest media would learn from past frauds and unmask the propagandists like many independent media actually do.
The day of the incident you will see something like this:

In the first report the New York Times made on the same case, they stated the suspects where Arabs…

This happens very time. The “agenda-friendly” pseudo-facts and a set of premises, in this case “we are under attack from outside forces”, or “Isis terrorist live next door” have a tendency to magically appear when they are needed. The result: more money to the FBI, more militarization of the police, more illegal surveillance.

Fake Warnings: More Scaremongering

FAIR.org made a list of “Terror Warnings”, except…

(The complete list is much longer, but you get the idea).


Venezuelan “Nuclear Bomb” Plot:


What Mascheroni was convicted of was telling undercover FBI agents, who were pretending to work for Venezuela, that he could give them nuclear weapons secrets. In real life, Venezuela had nothing to do with it”. source

But would you think Venezuela was NOT involved by reading these headlines?




Written by Daniel Espinosa for his Steemit.com blog, 2017.

My past article on Propaganda and InformationWar:

Intellectual Self-Defense against Propaganda

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