Jun 09 2017

Famous German Athletes - Sports stuff!

Germany and Sports!

Today we are discussing Sports in Germany, what are the most popular things Germans do and watch in terms of Sports? Read on – here are the official Top 10 sports in Germany (BUT BE CAREFUL – the source is not from Germany but should indicate foreigners moving to our country what is the most popular here – can not agree on the ranking honestly!)

1 – Fussball – Soccer or Football

No doubt that Fussball is the most famous sport in Germany – we are world champions

2 – Golf

Golf still is a sport in Germany that only people with a lot of money seem to practice. Not true I say and I doubt it is no.2 popular sport

3 – Ice hockey

Not no. 3 even I personally like it

4 – Basketball

Also never ever No. 4 and I personally do not understand how people can watch that boring Sports lol

5 – Motorsport – especially Formula 1

Agreed! Should be near Top 3

6 – Handball


7 – Tennis

Following Boris Becker and Steffi Graf are as old as me this ranking number might be true!

8 – Skiing

Oh well – broad Sports discipline could be anything – I like most of it from Ski Jumping to Biathlon and Alpine stuff.

9 – Cycling

For sure not Top 10 even everyone has a bike.

10 – Boxing

I find this one of the most boring sports but could be true – Germans tend to make this an event for celebs etc – to me it is really boring – one exception was the recnt Klitschko fight where he lost, reminded me about the times Tyson was boxing, that time it was Sports, nowadays it is a boring event and the sports is more like chess.

German Athletes

See what Google shows us when searching for “German Athletes”:





Please feel free to write and comment about other great Atheltes or Sports you think need a mention here!

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