Dec 12 2016

Facebook Warned Me Before Heading Over to Steemit

Facebook has Begun Warning Users of

We were discussing what Facebook would do to Steemit links while at SteemFest. It seems that all the noise about #FakeNews has prompted Facebook to start warning it’s delicate user base that Steemit is an unsafe site.

Now we all know this is BS. This is just one more way for Facebook to control the destinations of its users. The problem is for every person that continues on to Steemit there will be a handful that decide the risk is too great. Let me tell you why, “they have never heard of”. If someone is not familiar with a website they will not click through to it. I know I would not and I have been at this game for a long time.

Now for the Other Reason I Think Facebook Flagged this Post.

The slug or url contains words that would fall into the categories that Facebook is looking to flag. Here are a few that I found in the url.—the-truth-without-bias–challenges-and-solutions-

  1. Agenda
  2. News
  3. Truth
  4. Bias

Now this may seem innocent, but there is a war over minds right now and Facebook is on the side of mainstream media. So I recommend people test different methods. Try to change up the titles and urls by making them less threatening to mainstream media. Don’t use hot words like Fake News if you plan to share to Facebook. Use alternate social media platforms like Google Plus and Twitter until they grow tired of the truth on Steemit.

Remember, “Social Media is a Game and You Have to Show Up Everyday to Play It.”

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