Ethereum keeps breaking records!

6 days ago
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The world's second largest crypto dollar continued its upward trend from the beginning of the year to the highest level of all time on the weekends.
Ethereum, the world's second largest crypt money, continued its upward trend from the beginning of the year to the highest level of all time on the weekends.

Ethereum, which started at $ 736 in 2018, saw an increase of 93 percent in the last 2 weeks to $ 1,423 and broke the record for all time. Ethereum continues to trade at $ 1,340 against the green at $ 2.60 per day.

This crypto money earned 15 thousand 500 percent last year. By contrast, Bitcoin, the biggest crypto currency that has gained 6,200 percent in the last 3 years, is trading at 13,845 dollars with a decrease of 3.19 percent and the biggest third crypto money Ripple with 8,58 percent.

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