Dec 12 2016

Daily News Report - World & Technology (12/12/2016) SP Reward in Post


New York State releases list of 31 gender identities
It is now illegal to discriminate against anyone who wishes to be identified by any of these terms in the state of New York.

Update On Syria’s Civil War

Syria’s government claims that the battle in Aleppo will be a victory soon and the rebels don’t have much time before they surrender or die. 90% of rebel held areas in Aleppo have been overtaken.Syria’s government and Russian airstrikes along with Russia’s ground crews have played the major roll in taking the city back from the rebels. Over 250,000 citizens of Aleppo have fled the area from this battle.

Steemit Updates

We should expect different types of sub-steem sites popping up in 2017. is in closed alpha at the current time but will be open to the community in a beta version in the first quarter of 2017. More information about can be found here.


Have you always wanted to run your own web server, file share server, or home media server?? I will be releasing a post soon to explain in depth how to use linux and an older pc to build your own home multipurpose server. A web server can be used to make a free website or just to simply upload your own pictures without having to use a site such as facebook or instagram. A file server can allow you to backup important files and to share a common folder that can be accessed by all electronics in your home. This can includes pcs and smartphones. A media server is directed at video, audio, and pictures. I will allow devices such as your Roku and your smart t.v. to easily sync to movies, music, and pictures stored on your server. Using this server will make enjoying your media on all of your devices easy and seamless. You can watch a movie in the living room and go to your bedroom and have all the same media there too. With all of these servers you won’t have to depend on websites or tools that like to bloat your devices and force ads upon you. You also wont be jumping from room to room with flash drives or even plugging your phone into pc to move media files back and forth between each device.

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