Dec 09 2016

Daily News Report - World and Technology (12/9/16) (SP Reward in Post)


 Comet 45P/Honda 

 Large comet said to be incoming and will be visible to the naked eye by new years. It comes around every 5 to 5.25 years. I will pass close to earth February 11, 2017. It is said to be very beautiful to watch. As it passes between us and the sun it can cause solar flare up as it passes. Also as it comes in towards the sun it is speeding up at a very fast rate. As it is sling shots around between the sun and the earth it can be torn apart in that event we would be in the path of the debris.   

 Oakland Warehouse Fire 

 A warehouse in Oakland, California underwent a devastating fire late night December 2 through the 3rd in the morning. The warehouse was only supposed to be used as a warehouse but there was artist studios, residents, and a party spot called the ghost ship. It was estimated that there were 50-100 people in the building at the time of the fire. 9 deaths have been announced but there is still 25 or more people unaccounted for. 

 War in Syria 

 John Kerry is attempting to get Syria peace talks to gain more steam. Hoping to save the city of Aleppo before it is completely destroyed. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claims the U.S. is trying to just pause the fighting in able to re-arm the rebel troops. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavroy states the rebels will be wiped out if they do not leave the city. Tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced recently by the on going war in Aleppo.


Omnidirectional treadmills for VR
Kat walk is a VR enthusiasts dream. You are harnested from an above system that straps to your back. It alows full range of movement.
Omni is another similar system but you are not harnessed. Instead you have a ring around you which seems to take away from the overall effect. I imagine its still better than what most of us have today.
Cyberith has you harnessed at the waist and takes in to affect hight so the harnessing circle moves up and down. I also moves up and down while you play to be able use actions like crouching, suspending your weight while sitting, and giving a more realistic feeling to the overall gameplay.

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