Dec 20 2016

City Bound This Morning to Secure my New Home/Office!

I woke up at 3:00AM-ish this morning.. Generally I’d just curse at myself for waking up at such a ridiculous hour and roll over trying to fall back to sleep, but this morning was odd.

After checking my email and seeing a reply from my new roommate I decided today was as good as any to catch a ride into the city with the old roommates on their voyage to work.

Woke up, ate some toast, did a small work out to get the blood flowwing and started collecting things I’d need for the day to survive in the city. Mitts, Toque.. Those things.

It’s going to be a LONG day, First things first I’ve got to move some cryptocurrency around and get some fiat to pay for and secure this new place, then find a way to fill the rest of day.

Mixed Emotions

Being a nearly 30’s something male generally I was taught growing up that I shouldn’t show my emotions much or if at all.. But I’m not some testosterone mongoloid man-robot and I certainly have some feelings! Truth be told I’m kind of scared shitless to meet my new roommates and anxious that they may think I look like some type of long haired weirdo (which, by all definition I likely am!).

While it’s silly to think about I truly feel mixed emotions about today, Excitement, fear of the unknown, moving on with my adventure and getting back into civilization.. All wildly causing my for the most part generally quiet mind to overthink and tremble.

Opportunity to Flourish

My current living situation had me so far removed for people and society save the constant internetting I was doing. While I am far more a fan of having an online presence rather than an “IRL” presence it’s become pretty apparent to me that my social life and group of friends has slowly dwindled due to lack of communication.

Now that I’m moving to a place with cheaper internet, more people and more opportunities in all aspects I’ve got a feeling 2017 is going to be a productive and successful year.

Thanks Again to All That Made This Possible

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