Steem Powered Trip to Ghana: What I learned from the Various Presentations

13 days ago
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There were four major presentations during the meet-up. The speakers made some really salient points.
@richforever talked about disruption and @diahbally talked about finding and achieving purpose. I'll just share some of the things I learned during the meet-up. I didn't take notes. Taking notes is important but it doesn't work for me. Especially in meetings like these. I'll rather buy the recordings of the event. These are some of the things that just stuck to my brain somehow.

When you discover the purpose of something, the discipline to do it will come.


@diahbally is a motivational speaker. He is quite popular in Ghana. One thing that just stuck so much during his presentation was his statement on purpose. So many times we take things for granted and it's simply because we don't understand their purpose. If people understood the potential of steemit for instance, they would loose their sleep and Steem their way to liberty. Steemit was designed as a means for the average Joe to secure his liberty.

The way to benefit from disruption is to be the disruptor


Our children will not understand how we could survive without Cryptocurrency just as the children of today do not understand a world without telephones and television.

The financial system is undergoing a revolution. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are disrupting conventional banking and now Steemit is distrupting social media and the internet. Do you remember when having a Nokia 3310 was the status symbol of being a rich and up-to-date person? Some people still use those old Nokia phones but you can't compare the value you get from Android phone with those old products.

When didstruption occurs it creates opportunities for the little guy to become big. I always want to know where technology is going so that I can get there first and help everyone else get there and become rich in the process. The big players may be reluctant to take the risk because they have rigid structures and too much to loose if things go south. In a decentralised world there is opportunity for everyone. Everyone gets a chance now. There no queue here.

Steemit is a Phantom

U5drMSycSi3YijNhh1FH7fvh8KaAgok_1680x8400 (1).jpeg

I smile when @ejemai says stuffs like these. The reason is that I understand what he means. I have made more than $10,000 from Steemit and when I think about it. I still find it unbelieveable. I'm lounging in the gold cost and having a fantastic time. It's happening to me but I still find it hard to believe. How do in expect another person to believe it. Lol... So let's just call it a phantom.

It's just too good to be true. Its a fantasy. But we are living it. Perhaps what is seen as a dream is the real reality and we have chosen the red pill and woken up from the matrix.

Thank you for reading.


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  ·  13 days ago

"I have made more than $10,000 from Steemit and when I think about it. I still find it unbelieveable"

This is quite encouraging to hear.

  ·  13 days ago

Amazing development
People must hear about steemit in my geographical location as well as long distance places.
Let's steemit

  ·  13 days ago

Wow bro you are growing to quickly, have a safe journey.

  ·  13 days ago

Good Job. Well Done

  ·  13 days ago

Well done boss. Enjoy your turn around

  ·  13 days ago

Hahahaha...see the beauty in surrounding yourself with the right makes you beautiful too...this isnt beautiful,you @tojukaka make it so guys simply play around every single moment and that makes you amzaing...the sense of humuour @ejemai came with was entirely good..l see more good in partnering with you guys to move steemit higher in africa..good work

  ·  13 days ago

Yes, 'abundance' is the reality. The scarcity system is just props and decorations and by GOD's grace, we'll help more people wake up from the dream of poverty leveraging amazing platforms like Steemit.
Welldone @tojukaka

  ·  13 days ago

Wow, i love this post.
Steem is a phantom, cos i still find it hard to belive. Even those around me still get confused.
Once i tried explaining to a mate he termed steemit 'madness' . But thank God am in a profiting madness.

  ·  13 days ago

This is just simply amazing.
Keep going places.
Steemit is bae😀

  ·  13 days ago

I will say this is amazing big bro keep it up

  ·  13 days ago


  ·  13 days ago

This is really nice, i would love to be an ambassador too, so i can go too different counties and states for steemit

  ·  13 days ago

That was well said, its really important to find and know the purpose why youre on a course. I recently made my first cash out on steemit and I felt so happy about it, it was a token tho but i am happy that I was able to make that with just a little effort

  ·  13 days ago

It was a wonderful experience with you guys, learnt a lot from you guys.. We are really blessed having you guys.. I hope for more of these opportunities.. I enjoyed everything with you guys.. Amazing people, Amazing platform. I love you guys... Aww I'm missing you guys already. You weren't around when I left. God bless you guys. Your memories lives on. #longliveafrica that's all steemit is all about.. Steemit is a family

  ·  13 days ago

Steemit is so cool as it has helped so many lives, i pray to benefit from it as well and also introduce others to it.
Let's steem high to the apex of steem.

  ·  13 days ago

Honestly, the best statement to describe steemit is "its too good to be true". Fortunately, its true.

  ·  13 days ago

Opportunity comes but once an adage say steemit for me is the opportunity much has been said abt it. I'll surely add this to my diary. Tnks for sharing this.

  ·  13 days ago

There were three men in Zimbabwe Who bought and got the independence for the nation, they ruled for more than 27 years and no one else could penetrate the seat of government. You trio r really sacrificing, I pray may d harvest b plenty.
God strengthen you more

  ·  13 days ago

It was just an amazing experience i had and am here because of you guys.thank you

  ·  12 days ago

It was great meeting and connecting with you @tojukaka. I also learnt a lot from you about having a greater purpose and going the extra mile for the little ones. Looking forward to an amazing partnership. God bless you and the team from Nigeria (@gee1, @ejemai err who did I miss lol)

  ·  11 days ago

I also expect you to tell us what you learned from your own presentation or you did not make any presentation in Ghana? If you don't, then I seriously pity those guy because they don't know what they missed yet. Anyways, please come make that presentation for us in the next steemit Ibadan meet-up.

What happened to our dear #sundayselfiechallenge ? has the project been suspended or cancelled?

  ·  11 days ago

Thank you for sharing these with us. Steemit is really taking over and i am loving the thrill. Yes, our children wouldn't understand how we survived without crypto currencies. It keeps getting better. I love the part you said let's see where technology is taking us, get there first and take everyone along too. So much to learn. Thank you bro.

  ·  10 days ago

Nice Post Dear Steemian. Thank You For Your Effort
Shared LOVE With My Upvote. How about you Share some Love too?
Cheers and Have a Peaceful, Profitable Year .
Keep Posting and Get Rich ;) :)