Oct 10 2017

ARTQUEST-TRAIL#24 (ARTchallenge) Theme Announcement. 100 TRAIL +10 SBD Prize Pool. No Need to Be an Artist to Take Part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enter image description here
Modified Painting of Vladimir Kush

I would like to thank again all the participants of Artquests! You are amazing, talented and creative. I highly appreciate that you are with me!

I also cordially invite judges and supporters.)))

I am happy to announce a new theme. The contest is organised by @aksinya.

In Artquest we give interpretations to the painting I offer. It is amazing that there could be so many interesting stories and interpretations for just one painting.

THEME FOR ARTCHALLENGE #24 will be a surreal painting by Mariola Bogacki. Finally a woman – artist)))

enter image description here
Mariola Bogacki

The RULES are very easy.

  • Vote and Resteem this post
  • Make a post with the tag #artchallenge or write a comment with your interpretation of the painting I posted. . Please don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comment to this post. It would be also good if you mention the link to my announcement post.
  • You can make up to 3 versions
    • Deadline is Monday, October 16, 2017


  • Winner – 50 TRAIL + 5 SBD
  • Second place – 30 TRAIL + 3 SBD
  • Third place – 20 TRAIL + 2 SBD

I also want to ask those who won trails and had difficulties with getting them to write to me at private chat or discord (aksinya). The winners of the previous contest, don’t forget to send me the name of your OL account.


You can see the previous artchallenges here:

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Winners of ARTchallenge#13 10 participants
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Winners of ARTquest#11 9 participants
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Winners of Artchallenge#7 6 participants
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Winners of Artchallenge#5 8 participants
Winners of Artchallenge#4 9 participants
Winners of Artchallnege#3 11 participants
Winners of Artchallenge#2 6 participants
Winners of ARTchallenge#1 14 participants

Please FOLLOW, VOTE and RESTEEM this post and I am waiting for your entries!

I will be also very happy to any support of the artchallenge! If you want to be a judge or a sponsor, you are very welcome!

I would like to THANK again those who supported this challenge, all the participants, the invited judges @looftee, @surpassinggoogle, @paolobeneforti and @silviabeneforti, @ezzy, @lpfaust, @nature.sauvage, @throughwindows, @whd, @snooway, @sumsum and @steem-trail (Steem Trail team) and our supporters @ogochukwu, @looftee and @lpfaust

Join me on a quest to discover the treasures of beautiful artworks!

I will be happy if you check my another contest

14th ARTstyleART Contest: REWARD POOL INCREASE again by @henry-gant. No need to Be an Artist to Take Part.

Always yours, @aksinya.

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