Aug 04 2017

Announcement Of Winners OF The Fifty Word Story Contest Week #22.. 700 Trail and 30 SBD Won

Another week have gone by, I am proud to say that the fifty word Story contest is one of the longest running contest on Steemit

Each week continues to bring us more Amazing entries from talented steemians from all over the world, and the judging process is very hard.

Here are this week’s winners

Winner One : @churchboy

Ravages of War

Go home”, she whispered. In her eyes were a mixture of shame, anguish and indignation. There was no trace of the love they once held for me before I went off to war. She took one step back, banged the door to my face and my world collapsed around me.

140 Trail and 6 SBD Won

Winner Two : @crossedsteems

A Lovers’s Lie

From afar, he couldn’t bear to watch as her coffin disappeared below the earth.

“…go.” Whispered through sad, quaking lips.

“Go.” Growled out angrily behind gritted teeth.

“GO!” Screamed painful red eyes gazing into his own.

Emotion masked the lie behind that word, now it was too late.

140 Trail and 8 SBD Won

Winner Three : @deirdyweirdy


Let go, let go of the rope he screamed as she looked down at him from the cliff above. But suddenly she was beside him, their eyes locked, their bodies hurtling through the air to land on the rocks below.
Two climbers on honeymoon, they were found a week later.

140 Trail and 6 SBD Won

Winner Four : @molokwu

Pistols At Dawn

Catherine shot a warning bullet over the heads of the thieving gang that had surrounded the gunslinger’s prone body.

Her former boss may have lost the duel but those scrabbling vermin wouldn’t rob his fancy boots; they’d now pass to her.

She thought somberly, “To the victor goes the spoils”

140 Trail and 6 SBD Won

Winner Five : @tegoshei


“Go, I wish you well.”
Only my heart can tell
It isn’t what I wanted to say…
For I really want you to stay
But if I don’t let go now,
It won’t make me happy, somehow
For if we’re truly meant to be
Destiny will find you and me

140 Trail and 6 SBD Won

Due to insufficient funds the contest prize will be reduced to 15 SBD from next week and only Three Winners will be chosen, it will be duly increased if we get any sponsors before then

Congratulation to the Winners and thank you all for reading

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