Jun 08 2017

AirDrop of 50 FlashCoin for Steemit Users.


Simply Go To FlashCoin.io and Set Up a Wallet.

Once you have set up the wallet go to My Account–>Account Settings and Copy Paste your address in the comments. I will send you 50 Flashcoin.

Next week Flashcoin is supposed to be released on Bittrex. If you would like to read more about Flashcoin you can check out the Flashcoin whitepaper.

The total supply is 900 million tokens and they were all pre-mined. The token is based on Litecoin. This token has a, “no action letter” from FinTrack in Canada. It is a government finance organization. We all know I am not a fan of governments. Today one of my friends in Crypto contacted me and asked me if I would participate. I had a quick chat with Chris Kitze the founder of Flashcoin and I agreed to help out.



The Limit is 200 Airdrops of 50 Flashcoin Each.

If you have questions about Flashcoin. This coin might not appeal to everyone but I am happy to help with the Airdrop. Watch Bittrex closely to see when the token is available for trading soon.

All I know is that it is lightning fast and easy to set up.


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